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Come join my group Modern Muse on Powerful Intentions!  Anyone is free to join and participate in the discussions, ask questions, get answers! It’s free! Some of the articles of Mystique Muse Magazine are  ”Modern Muse Clippings”. These are questions and answers from Modern Muse published in the magazine! Anonymous clippings and specific requests are published in the magazine from members of the group. If you want an article published, please don’t hesitate to ask me how to get yourself published. Question authors remain anonymous unless you request to have your name published. Modern Muse is open 24/7 365 as group forum setting. I personally answer everyone as thoroughly and quickly as possible. In the meantime there are like minded souls waiting to discuss and offer comfort. See you there!

And now join me on Empath Community.

Rayna the Muse

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    I enjoyed reading this. Bookmarked!

  2. cherrypie says:

    This group is very warm and inviting. I’m so happy something like this exists. What a cool crowd. I’m going to join. I have some questions ready.

  3. Damian Wheless says:

    Please keep sharing your messages.

  4. Saisa says:

    Once again, it is easy to see why this is one of the finest blogs on the entire Internet, keep pumping out the great messages!

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    very nice blog

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    Great! I really enjoy reading. I am hoping to read more from you. I think you have great insight and vision. I am highly impressed with your information.

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    Just wanted to share some love <3

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