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Hello my friends,
I am a music producer, singer/songwriter and performer. I absolutely know that Music is the Universal Language.

I have consciously known who I am since I was at least 2. I do remember many things that others probably wouldn’t understand. I have lived up and down the east coast, drawn often to haunted historic cities and places with nature. I grew up in MA and my life was horses and my “odd” talents and interests. Since I was 2 I could speak complicated words and understand complicated and abstract concepts.

In school out of school, I was obviously in touch with some concepts others did not understand or know of. Prior to college, I was placed in the Gifted Programs (called Sage). My learning methods did’t fit into regular school structures. For example I can see math, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it, it has color, but barely will you find me without a calculator for even simple equations.

I am a Crystal Keeper, large and specifically powerful crystals have come into my possession for the purpose of healing this realm with light and bringing in the 21st Century. I have been gifted with the ability to write, perform, sing and create abundance in my life and and in the live’s of others with a simple knowing that All is well, and that anyone can make the choice to “check out” early if they don’t want to play this game of life.

No one is wrong, ever, what is right for them is right for them. There are many things I have wanted to do but I have been divinely guided to perform. I am ageless and undefinable and I encourage everyone to release their own boundaries.

Always the Student, even while in the position of  Master Teacher.

Together with my soul-mate/life-partner Jorge , I opened my center The Crystal Closet and I am on my mission, and together we are on a unified mission.

I AM that I AM.” – Rayna Tamarin (Meditz)

Spiritual Talents include:

Intuitive (including all psychic meta-senses developed and ever upgrading) I easily communicate with people, animals and nature as well as non-physical and other physical beings in various places, spaces and times, and non-places, non-spaces and non-times. Entered into the here and now through the Blue Ray, a Starseed, Pleiadian, Indigo-Crystal, Earth Angel, Lightworker…. to teach, coach, heal, empower and inspire, and my mission is always rapidly evolving and shifting as we move into the 21st Century. The Modern Muse. Yet these terms and concepts do not define nor limit my being.

Love and Light,


Connect with Rayna:

Join The Crystal Closet’s Meetup Group The Crystal Closet’s: Indigos, Starseeds, Lightworkers Group if you are local to Central Florida. This is the Metaphysical Center and Gift Shop’s Calendar of Events, Workshops and Classes.

Go to www.raynatamarin.com for all of Rayna’s links, music, performances and more!

On facebookmusician/band facebookThe Crystal Closet facebook

Rayna works as a Spiritual Advisor online through her free group Modern Muse, previously also on Empath Community, as a private Intuitive Reader through this web site providing Email Readings and Live Online Chat Readings. Rayna is also a keen.com Advisor for the 21st Century via E-mail Readings .

Past spiritual work and other dedicated work that has gotten Rayna where she is today and beyond:

“It’s not about how hard you work. It’s the dedication to, and investment in, one’s self that pays off.  And affirmed and governed by Law of Attraction, you get what you give.”-Rayna

During the Summer of 2010, Rayna worked as an independent contractor for Starsouls Inc. as an Intuitive Tarot Reader/Psychic Reader for Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure on The Lost Continent in Orlando, FL, at Mystics of the Seven Veils, which is located directly at the gate to Hogsmeade at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the Mummy attraction.

Rayna said, “Harry Potter’s world is just a footstep in front of me. The smoke already spewing from the train. The snow covered rooftops glisten in the Orlando heat. I’m sweating starring at the diamond snow. I’m doing Henna and Psychic Readings here and also over by the Mummy. It was fun to be shoulder to shoulder with the film stars during the Grand Opening of the Wizarding World.” (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is now open.)

Rayna at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Psychic Rayna at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure Psychic Tarot

From March 2010-November 2010, Rayna taught Metaphysical and Spiritual classes at CASSADAGA and was also employed with the CASSADAGA SPIRITUALIST CAMP™ BOOKSTORE & INFORMATION CENTER in Cassadaga, FL. http://www.cassadaga.org. Rayna had her own Henna tent in the world famous CASSADAGA SPIRITUALIST CAMP™ BOOKSTORE.

At the same time, Rayna was employed at Avalon in Orlando, and became great friends with Miranda the owner. http://www.avalonbeyond.com

Rayna has always had a major calling, pulling her to entertain and create a sanctuary for herself where she could interact with kindred spirits. She has had retail and management experience beginning at the age of 14, and she has done just about every job (from running an arcade to being a professional cheerleader to being a professional makeup artist). Rayna has always had 3-4 careers/ventures at a time because she enjoys the interaction, even becoming a Hooters waitress in 2003, assistant managing at a posh baby store, and managing and O2 Bar on South Beach in 2004. Rayna knew one day she would upgrade the marketing for O2 Bars emphasizing holistic health, in a future location of her own. Rayna didn’t work for the money she made, she worked for life experience and the fact that she was paid to live her life was the way she saw it from her perspective.

Rayna was a visual merchandiser for Macy’s in 2003, having the added responsibility once or twice per month to be the only visual merchandiser on duty for two separate department stores (Macy’s Fashion Store, and Macy’s Home Store) each at opposite ends of a very large and upscale mall in South Florida. This was during the shift as Burdine’s became Macy’s. Going through this type of added work and a Christmas season, sometimes having to be in place at 4:30 AM.

With her Fashion Design BFA earned in 2003 from the Savannah College of Art and design, in 2006 Rayna opened Rayna Tamarin LLC, a pet fashion company. Rayna designed and manufactured her own pet fashion line and created all of her graphics, trade show booth, web site et. al. with Jorge. Rayna and Jorge had gone into business together as designers in 2003, with Jorge’s Graphic Design BFA, from the same school.

Since Rayna was very small she had wanted to do some very specific things. Sing, dance, act, perform, model, write and own a store–all of which to get out into the world and bring Light. Before establishing The Crystal Closet LLC in November 2011 with her already seasoned business relationship with Jorge, this web site mystiquemuse.com and other entrepreneurial ventures were available for quite some time online, including a successful Spiritual eBay business which was a follow up from an eBay Store Rayna was successfully running in 2002-2004 where she sold women’s fashion. Rayna and Jorge own and represent  shop.com/sunnymiami and manifestmywebsite.com (all other links that are active and live can be found here at Rayna’s personal portal raynatamarin.com including her pet fashion link, links to her music, video, and portfolios.)

The beginnings of  The Crystal Closet: In August 2010, September 2010, and in October 2010 Rayna and Jorge, together ran a Henna Body Art and a Crystal Sales table while Rayna worked as a Past Life Reader for famous author at her shop during her festivals. Yet Rayna and Jorge felt the pull to physically interact daily where they could spread their wings, shine and become a beckon of light, a pillar to summon others similar to share with. The Crystal Closet in Sanford, FL was born, a true Sanctuary for fellow Starseeds, Indigos and Lightworkers amongst others. Their slogan “Come evolve with us.” has lived true to the word, and in only six months of opening the doors on 1st Street in January 2011, they manifested an expansion and moved to a larger, brighter and more conducive location in the same Downtown Historic Area.

Rayna wanted to be able to send out a beacon of Light was because she has been visited by Archangel Michael and several other Celestials who inspired her to create a place they could meet and spent time in length. Rayna and Jorge (Jorge has a bio on the center’s web site) both created their Sanctuary through Divine inspiration and guidance.

To have a reading in-person now Rayna offers readings at  The Crystal Closet in Sanford, FL. Rayna also offers Henna, classes, and a whole stream of events along with Jorge and a great bunch of very knowledgable and enlightened individuals, all with a common mission of assisting people like yourself.

E-mail Rayna: Rayna@RaynaTamarin.com

“Through Rayna’s soulful readings one is able to gain awareness, inspiration, clarity, balance, and Divine Guidance with the help of Spirit, and the Source of what you really are. Through her talents, you will begin to finally uncover, reveal and understand what you didn’t know YOU really knew. She will help you reveal YOUR innate talents. Acting as a link, Muse, mediator and Medium on your Journey Path. She will point out the way forward, by bringing you ultimately into the present. From this moment of perpetual NOW, all past, present and future melt into One. The answers rise to the surface where they can be known and put into action, yet never can they disconnect from the deepest depths of eternity. Allow assistance from a compassionate soul to guide you gently Downstream.”

Rayna is The Modern Muse!

Here to uplift you, if you’ll allow it. Offering E-mail Consulting and Online Chat in the chat box on this web site. Providing a transcript of all Chats via E-mail for those who can not save or print out the session themselves.

Contact me to schedule.

Rayna’s original group online is Modern Muse.

My own mentors are my Higher Self, my manifest Guardian Angel, the Karmic Board and All that Is.

“Muse” ~ The winged queen of creativity that lands on the shoulder of man and inspires him to co-create by expressing Truth through him. But if he is not yet conscious, she leaves her stardust on his shoulder and he’ll breathe it in, noticing its affect in due time. A speaker of Truth, the Gospel, the good word. A clear and perfect channel for Truth/God/Source Energy/The Universe.

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