To Be Indigo, A Clear Description


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I was asked for a clear description of what an Indigo is by an Instagram Follower who had done research and spoke to several people who steered her in too many differing directions. Confused, she commented with the question: “Can you give me a clear description of an Indigo?”

Indigos are fierce yet sensitive Spiritual Warriors who came here on a mission to defend, breakdown systems and Teach both the individual and to Teach Teachers.

We are Destroyers as much as we are Rebuilders and Co-Creators.

We hold memories and retain contact with who and what we were and did before being here.

We embody the traits and challenges of the 6th Chakra and therefore also the 5th Chakra because of the cyclical return as our primary Chakra being the 6th and our final being our 5th, comes full circle. We begin at the 6th and travel through our cycle (repeatedly) next to the 7th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and finally 5th. This is why our consciousness raises the planet to the 5th Dimension. The Crystal Children come through their primary Chakra at the 7th (Crown) Chakra, resulting in their final challenge and consciousness focal point to be in the 6th Chakra, meaning, they are of the consciousness coinciding with the 6th Dimension and their position is to embody and radiate this point of awareness. Indigos usher in the 5th Dimension, and this is described in many ways, in many traditions.

To put it very simply, the Earth goes through Chakra Cycles just like every other living thing. During the early 1980’s (with a gradient of time before and after) the Earth cycled through her 6th Chakra, the Third Eye. The Indigos turned 30 years of age by 2012 so as to have had their Saturn Return (at age 30) by the turn of the Yuga which happened on 12/21/12. No matter which Zodiacal Calendar or Tradition you want to use, it all corroborates. Differing Time Clocking Traditions, Calendars and the overall Zodiac differ only in fractions; just like minutes and seconds both tell the same time but within broader or more minute perspectives.

Now (2013) Indigo Children are adults in their early 30’s.  At this age of adulthood, the Indigos inherit and reshape the Earth for the Crystal Children to begin the New Earth (New Vedic Age) as the old patterns of consciousness, (those who were in the 4th Dimensional consciousness focal point and lower), trickle away and die off, or must adapt to the new consciousness. This is a perfectly natural and normal process. However this is a very exciting time to be a Witness on Earth!

The Children of the Indigos (referred to as Platinum) will live on the New Earth with those who remain on Earth with upgraded consciousness. Indigos and Crystals do not need to upgrade their consciousness. They are born upgraded because of where they came from before and because it is their position to bring others up to the same level, to the degree, that each individual who is upgrading themselves to the new consciousness, will allow themselves to go.

Mentioned also are Rainbow Children. These are the within group representing the Integration of the 8th Ray after Crystal Children (and sometimes popping up in between other movements during phasing gradients) for the purpose of Integration and Anchoring. Once all 7 Rays (Chakras) are cycled, it’s time for the 8th Ray of Integration. And then we begin anew. There are many other Chakras, but these are the main cycles, and again, like the differing fractions within the various Calendars, other Chakras phase through cycles as well, some in between the typical gradients, some during main Chakra waves and some in the time between a full cycles end and the beginning of a new cycle from 1st (Root) back to 7th (Crown). At all times, because we are multi-dimensional and all is Now, all Chakras, Major, minor, and expanded, are in play.

You also may have seen or heard mentioned another term for the Children of Now called The Golden Children. The title refers to the Sun at the full Zodiacal Return to the Age of Aquarius. The Children of a New Age according to the Grand Timing. This is Time on a very large scale which is measured in vast numbers of years to say the least, not only a new Zodical Age measured in a new Sign (Aquarius) but also Witnessing the Return of the Son, which is the Sun, because we have made another full trip around the entire Zodiac on a very large scale (26,000 years). Hello Photon Belt!

All of the Children mentioned are Children of Now making this is a blanket term. Some of these are broad terms and some truly are finite groups.

The timing has to be right and knowing one is Indigo is like knowing one’s own gender or preference, honestly you just know, and you know what you came to do and where you came from “before” Now. If anything is partially unknown it’s only details that are not yet relevant to the mission.

We Main Wave Indigos are the children of the Flower Children (late 1940’s), our parents who are the Sacral Chakra or Orange Kids if you want to put it in those terms. They lived in the final degree of the Age of Pisces. They are the Starseed-ers, the fertile seed planters (they themselves the early baby boomer generation) and we Starseeds are their Seed grown! Humans are the 5 pointed Star, from our Seeds we grew, we are Star-seeds, but that’s not all it means. There are ancient and future groups who are also the Starseeds etc, because this cycling never ends (and never begins because All Is Now). Not everyone born in the corresponding years are these Children, many are other varieties of other beings incarnated as human, or are purely human, E.T., etc but that’s a whole other discussion. Seeding planets is a big topic and requires it’s own attention.

So what else does Starseed mean? A Starseed Indigo refers to the acknowledgment of both being Celestial as well as Terrestrial (as well as being an Indigo), a.k.a, a C.T. (Rather than specifically an E.T., meaning one who has no Earthly connection or lineage) as the majority of Flower Children were C.T. of course the offspring will be C.T. and Indigo. But this is not always the case, as a Flower Child, can chose not to plant a seed, and an Indigo can choose not to grow from them. Usually, this doesn’t matter because on Earth they will find their Soul Family at some point or another as long as they make it to that point and awaken to their purpose, keeping their original path on track. Some who may have been the right age during the age of the Flowers, may not have truly been Flowers, but we other types of Spiritual Agents, Guardians, and Lightworkers, many of which never had children of their own by choice both consciously or unconsciously. The Star Nation (Natives Tribes) and those who came to Seed Earth (or the remnants of Tiamat) or other Stars, Planets, etc, are from the Stars and are Starseeds as well. There are more varieties of Starseeds, Star Children, C.T.’s, E.T.’s, Angel Incarnates, Inter-dimensionals, Inner-dimensionals, Hybrid of all kinds and so much more; then there are those who are the Stars, manifest and those who Seed Universes, the list goes on. It is possible to be more than one thing, basically do it all, of course, as we are One Total All, and this is an Infinitely broad topic. What we do, what we are and where we are going is organized on the finite scale within a degree of probability based upon a larger picture.

If you’re looking to read up on Indigos, Crystal Children and Earth Angels, Doreen Virtue is accurate in her descriptions and yet there is much more to it! Indigos are not her sole focus (but they are part of her Soul focus!!!). She is an Earth Angel and what she says is correct. This is why I recommend her books on the subject. She also, like myself,  knows the Angels and Archangels as well as Ascended Masters and us Indigos well enough to describe in detail what we would say ourselves.

More information will come in time.

The veiled inky depth of space, retains tiny windows called Suns and Stars, through which the Light of God, the Source, can reach out and gift His Children with the touch of his Hands of Light. And when His Children peek back through the windows, the Sunny Summerland of Home is just waiting for our Warm and Happy Homecoming. Namaste.

Love, Light and Insight,


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