How is a Sprout Like a Whale’s Tail?


~ How is a sprout like a whale’s tail? ~

I created this image based on a Mother Earth Mini Reading I channeled today for a client and this question was posed to her by the essence of Mother Earth. What do you think the answer to this riddle is? The Mother Earth also told me to tell the young woman that she should build a Moon Garden, which I had not heard of. Turns out the young woman was going to a Moon Harvesting and Moon Growing class next week! Could this riddle be involved somehow with the moon, water, whales and growing food? How might they be connected? This is a beautiful riddle. Think upon it. Everything is connected. Love and Light ~ Rayna

And since realizing the existence of Moon Gardens (Hello! I have been reading with the Tarot of a Moon Garden for years! But I didn’t realize the connection until posting this several months later HA!), my husband and I planted our own, however we were literally given a brief night to plant our seeds and half way through realized it was indeed a Full Moon! Thank you, Universe! Well, that was great because we already had our crystals out, and before we began, Jorge had already performed his Shamanic blessing complete with smudging, prayer and flute.

Our garden is GMO-free, and ORGANIC!

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