Stay in the Light During Upcoming October 2012


Transmission 8/1/12:

There is a LOT of strong energy in October 2012. Pray in the Light. The time is now. It is written in our history of now that the Light shall prevail (and already has). Never fear and always march ahead. Stand your ground and defend yourself from the idea floating around that you could be harmed. You can not. Stand in the Light and if your mission is to penetrate the dark, then you shall be the Light in that dark, and there you will bring it out from the shadows and into the Light once again where it is Whole and not contrary any longer. Balance is key right now, neutrality (NOT apathy) is the best position to be grounded and vibrationally high. We are who we have been looking for in the dark, blinded by the ignorance and the deep sleep. In the dark your hands feel one substance, one essence, and it is just you. You were there all along and you are now found. You never needed sight to feel your presence. Seek no thing. In the deep well, there is ocean upon ocean of water, filled with wisdom that remembers the Light. Go bravely, stand strong, and stay wise, and Re-member. Again, the time is now. Thank you.

UPDATE 8/3/12:

There are events planned for October, November and December of 2012. Tap into the ethers and become aware of the planned events. DO whatever it takes to cancel out the dark intentions of the dark ones and renact the Light of Wholeness which is chronicled in the Akasha to occur now here with Us (intended for a last stand of the dark ones in October 2012, they hope to drag it through the elections in November and if they had their way their intent is to alter the course of December, although they can not do it as it is tipped in the other direction). We are living in our own past. And this present moment is co-creating our future (which too has already occurred). Be present here and now. Archangel Michael and his lineage are working on the present task. Check in with your Guides, Guardians, Ancestors, Teachers, Masters and Loved Ones now because they have guidance for your mission. Time to come out of the scenery and stand tall as the tall tree, mountain and sky. We are One. It is time for Re-membering. Time will be very unstable and the concept will become transparent as illusion. There is much more information for those who are interested in the details at this time. The information is coming directly from God & the Akasha, from Archangel Michael, and Archangel Raphael and other Light Sources which are all aspects of One. There are MANY Celestial Starbeings, ET’s, Angels, Angel Incarnates,  helping and making themselves known at this time. Thank you, at this time when the energy is so calling us to act now.

Thank you.

? Love and Light,

Rayna (Starseed Indigo Child, Blue Ray, Angelic Order Lineage).

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