The Finite in the Infinite


I saw this lovely image posted on Facebook with an interesting comment written with it. It said,
“I agree, that’s why it’s important to recognise who we are: Infinite Wisdom and Bliss – The All That Is. There are no SAVIOURS coming to rescue us – NO Jesus and NO space beings. There is ONLY our Infinite Presence. EVERYTHING ELSE is just a holographic illusion in the material universe.”

The image is true, and simple Law of Attraction. But it was the comment inspired me to write a bit into the depths of Realness and illusion.

    Rayna Tamarin Angeleri Garcia Why not? The finite is included in the in-finite! ;) Everything exists to some degree. And if everything exists, then everything must exist to the same degree in varying forms or non-forms. We are Christ consciousness and we are “space beings” (and we are time/space beings). A “being” means we are “be-ing” something in terms of expressing infinite wisdom and bliss in some form, illusion or not. We can be anything (a self-savior, a servant, a prophet, an ET, a cat, a crystal, gas, a lotus, etc.) because we already are everything. There is nothing else other than pure potential at the source. So all that is, is All of it. So both illusion and Realness. Allness is all-inclusive. The material universe is illusion and yet it is created real because it is symbolic of Realness, if it is illusion it exists as illusion and therefore it is included in Allness which is Real. Imagination is Real—it creates worlds and more. We are illusion and we are Real. Realness can imagine illusion and make it seem very real. Illusion isn’t a “negative thing” in every case nor is it something to be simply disregarded as non-existant. Everything is neutral until it is observed and judged (preferred or not preferred) by a unique point of reference. Thoughts are things and therefore things exist in Oneness because they are made of the same energy. Here (material world) and there (non-physical world) don’t exist separately just like an idea does not exist outside of your heart-mind. They are not in different places or spaces—it is All Here & Now all at Once. There is one source of energy at the point of the potential of energy within the Allness. But before there is anything to include (a point which could be called Voidness or Isn’tness) before Isness, there is—nothing, then there is. Then after Oneness is Allness then again Oneness. There is nothing (no-thing) more before nothingness too and that is something! :) It all happens like a cycle, all at Once. The illusion of separation which to many individuals* can seem very real to them when they are focused upon it, can become their reality but reality changes constantly because it is based upon unique cases of multiple rendezvousing points of perception (all stemming from One source but meeting further down the line in the seemingly gross(many) form). So if you want an ET to come and meet you, that will happen through attention to the intention (inner attention) and you will meet yourself in ET “form”, or you will identify your immediate self (I AM mediate/meditating my Selves) as one… or infinite combinations of the manifestation can and will occur, because it can, because of the will of it All. Ahhhhh, the bliss of the infinite! <3 Love and Light! <3 <3 :)

    *individuals means can’t be divided.

Love and Light,

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