A Non-Toxic You…and US!


Presently, as part of the shift of consciousness, we are becoming more aware on both the spiritual and physical levels. As Above, So Below. We are learning and overhauling ourselves. We are realizing how to detox physically and understanding that we are ready to do so! The time of convenience being more important than our physical health is over. Indigos weren’t the first to talk about this, but we will be the last, because it ends here and now.

Many foods, cosmetics, cleaners, etc. etc., many that you were told were great and safe—are NOT! You can go here to start checking out what you have now http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ and you can begin to only purchase products from health food stores, reading all the labels to make sure there are no toxic chemicals. You can make a lot of things from scratch from all natural materials. All natural is best… usually it is safe to say that if you can eat it, then you can wear it. However many people have been eating things that they simply can not eat, for years. So the judgement call is not made simply through common sense for a lot of people. Awareness needs to come about through personal research. The last thing I need to figure out is my hair color which is super toxic, and by putting my intention out there, I know a way (ancient or new) will come about. Ask and it is given.

Watch the movie ‘Chemerical’ to get some information on the overall idea of detoxing your household.  http://www.chemicalnation.com/ And here is their site with lots of tips http://www.chemicalnation.com/content/join-the-community Also another movie is ‘Homo Toxicus’ all of these movies are on Netflix.

Make sure to never have fluoride in anything as it is highly toxic and calcifies your pineal glad (not good in your line of work if you are doing God’s work!!! Or for anyone awakening to their natural spirituality, etc..) There is a ton about toxic fluoride online like http://www.fluoridealert.org/ and movies on Youtube like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UTSEd7u6Yk that one is called “The Bizarre History Of Fluoride (FULL VERSION)” etc, etc…

I can help you choose new products for everything you have, because I am doing that for myself right now. ;) As an Indigo Child, I am very sensitive myself and for years felt something was off, like: why is there an orange on the tree outside, why did the orange fall off and rot on the ground while there is something called ‘orange drink, red drink, blue drink’ on the store shelf??? Why couldn’t I go eat the orange?—because someone else “owned” it (but wasn’t eating of it’s fruit!)

I would love to help others detox.  Detoxing must be done spiritually first but physically we must also do it after being inspired back into our personal energetic vortexes, because when aligned, we only want the good stuff and can’t be further self destructive.

More will be written on these subjects (detoxing the mind, body, soul, life, etc…) because not only Indigos, but all sentient beings (and even objects) are sensitive, and aren’t meant to be intoxicated.

Archangel Michael first told me “You Know This. Forget Anything You Have Ever Known, Been Told, Seen, Heard, Read,… And There You Know All. You Know This.” There are many lies out there (for profit) that are not Truth. Feel out your vortex and know what is Real and what is illusion. Don’t partake in illusion and you won’t get ill, become poisoned, or broken. You will know and be in the essence of the natural pure state of The All, which is clean. Cleanliness is next to Godliness because purity is non-toxic.

Love and Light,

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