Seeing Lights and Eyes of Angels, Faeries And Others


Angel or Faerie lights, how to tell which is which: Feel it out.

But I have found that:

*Faery lights are single tiny glitter sized sparkles that move quickly, usually silver. Faeries: (Earthly Angels) There are many all over the place, they appear in many different forms. Some are sparkles that fly, some are full manifestations, some move things, some look like bugs, some like tiny glass people with wings. There are many more kinds. Keep your eyes open and you might see them.

*Angel lights are at least the size of a quarter and flash in place in mid air once or a few times and are in a range of white, and all different colors.

*Ancestor lights, Guardian lights or unidentified lights (I’ll get back to you) are negative of white or black lights that appear like Angel lights.

*Celestial lights (Angelic geometry or E.T. lights) are a grid of lights that are seemingly aqua-blue and seem to appear in the morning while looking far to the corner of the range of your own vision (usually looking to the left), these seem to have a healing quality.

*There is also a phenomenon of seeing blue eyes inside the eyelids which I personally experience, and I have heard a few other people in South America have experienced, these are changing purpose it feels, they are *True eyes, Pleiadian, Archangel Michael, and E.T. past/multi/future life civilization checking in on their pals with purpose.

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