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Epitaxy is the transmission of structural information from the surface of one type of matter to another without actually transferring any physical material, only the vibratory information is exchanged.

So yet another great way to utilize the great gift of clear quartz in order to harness it’s “care-taker” nature of protection, purification and 1.3 billion years of natural experience, is to allow it to work with the food we eat.

You may already be familiar with placing a glass of water on a clear quartz slab or by immersing a smooth piece of clear quartz in the glass of water, and how either method transfers the crystalline structural information to the water crystals. When the two types of crystals align and mimic each other, they gain like structures. The water learns from the rock crystal and becomes the same in essence. That is how we make crystal essence, or water that has been charged with crystal. To go further, words that are positive in nature such as the word “love” or a phrase such as “I love you” will also vibrate into the water crystal structure and have the specific learned alteration. The water learns to love, and since love is natural, the water is purified and enhanced. Whereas negative words such as “hate”, etc, will have unnatural results. The water will turn by this learning into something that could be considered poisonous on an energetic level, resulting in physical contamination.

To enhance our food with the natural goodness of clear quartz, one would add a clean and cleared piece (unbroken, and with smooth edges and no fractures, so as not to chip off) into the food or cooking water. When added to a hot surface or in hot water, the vibration speeds and it is as though the crystal is turned on and therefore is radiating an even stronger signal, expressing this signal outward to an area range around itself (auric, energetic and magnetic field).  The water the food is cooked in acts to direct the current of this energetic signal to all that is also submerged in the same water. The water is the conductor in this distillation process whereas the crystal information is released into the food, or onto the surface structure of the food matter.

Why quartz? Did you know that our technology relies on quartz? First and foremost natural quartz and later synthetic all for the electrical charge conductor ability, the optical characteristics, for information storage, and so much more. Scientists say that the crystalline structure is the highest form of matter on Earth. It takes 1.3 billion years to become 99.9% Silicon Dioxide. It has no symmetry planes (mirror planes), no symmetry center, within the structure and no well developed planes of weakness. It is very hard with it’s structure defined as a 3D hexagonal lattice consisting of (SiO4) tetrahedra. The structure is hcp (hexagonal close-packed) the most dense atomic packing possible with 0.74 packing, almost 3/4 of the space in the lattice is filled. It is also said in native cultures that quartz is in fact light vibrating at the speed of light! Think about this.

Try cooking with quartz in the cooking water, let it sit in the water you’ll be using to make your sauces, and if you can find quartz slabs to cook meats and fish on, you’ll be eating crystalline essence in your food. It is found that the protection qualities of the quartz will allow food to cook longer without burning, to cook faster, and to be more true to its taste, more purified and more holistic.

It is not recommended to boil crystals or rocks because it is possible that they can crack and explode. To be safe, simply heat to a hot bath temperature and when your pot continues past this point it is best to remove the crystal with a spoon and lay it aside, and of course one can use the crystal in the cool water prior to adding it to your food. Take care in the quality and purity of each stone, and make certain there are no other elements or inclusions which could be toxic.

Add to your experience:

Use Rose Quartz for the same purposes as above, but to enhance the food and drink with the essence of unconditional love of the self and others, this will help make all food comfort food, and you will not ever want to over eat. This stone is associated with both the 4th Chakra and the 7th Chakra, which are the Heart and Crown Chakras.

Use Citrine for energizing effects and positivity. This stone is associated with both the 2nd and 3rd Charkras which are the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Use Smoky Quartz for its balancing of the yin and yang energies, and extra protection. This stone can be associated with the 1st Chakra which is the Root Chakra and Earth Star Chakra.

Use Amethyst for sobering effects for over eating, dissolving additions, and for opening the 6th Chakra (The 3-rd Eye)

Use Sacred Geometric Shaped Quartz such as pyramids, merkabas, generators, lazer points, etc… use your own creative ideas and know that each shape holds sacred information and meanings that will be transfered to your food, and then in turn to your body and your spiritual light bodies by epitaxy.

Get creative, do some research on the different shapes that quartz crystals can be formed in and create combinations that truly enhance your mind, body and soul.

Do you own research and gain an understanding of the makeup of crystals and learn how to tell if they are pure enough to use in food and drink enhancing. If you just can’t be certain of the purity and are not sure if there is a toxic element, keep the crystal in the kitchen, but not touching the food. You can place the crystal near the liquid and intend that the same results occur. In this way the open air can act as the conductor of the frequency exchange and your intention will be the cord that directs the energies where you want them to go. You can also write the name of the crystal on a piece of paper and place the cool container of the water you’ll be drinking or cooking with and allow the vibration of the name of the crystal do the same work. The same goes for a picture of the crystal.

Love and Light,

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