The Practice of YOU


Many people will go on and discuss all of the practices they enjoy for spiritual benefit, and to go along with it their energetic, mental, emotional and physical benefits. Meditating and doing yoga, eating correctly for your body and drinking plenty of water and sleeping the right hours for yourself are all well and good. There is no right combination of practices that will help you fully until you truly embrace the full time practice of YOU.

You are the true practice, discipline and path to being whole. You are the only piece to the only puzzle that should concern you. When you are working from the outside -in and then inside and back out once again, you have gone into and emerged back out of the Labyrinth. You are the Labyrinth. From an outward facing perspective, the focus must be first turned inward. Go deeper and deeper. Any method will do if it takes you deep into the center of your being. The journey inward can be made through yoga, meditation, diet, relaxation, self-contemplation and even reading or classes work for many. Whatever gets you to look inside and not judge what you see.

When you don’t judge what you are seeing within your deepest self, then you can gaze upon it and make the corrections, releases and adjustments accordingly. As you work on the inner core of your being, you will be expanding and raising your vibration more and more. The difference will be absolutely clear and undeniable once you reemerge and readjust your view of the world.

Upon emergence you will realize that a shift has taken place. The world and self that you once knew will have drastically changed for the better. The personality you had will be more enlivened and will radiate your positive traits with a strong foundation. The ego will have been resolved and confronted, and have been made peace with at the core, so you will find it to be agreeable upon re-emergence. The ego only remains as a practical sense of self, and not a bully any longer.

When you emerge you are free. If you don’t take the journey at all, that’s when emergencies happen in the physical realm (in any areas—love, health, job, security, etc.—due to unbalance and blindsight). But once you re-emerge from your journey, you are so free in fact that you will find time to make this journey over and over again, or as the need arises. The journey is so beautiful and profound that you will want to do this journey inward and back out daily. There is never an end to the staircase you are climbing, and the views become ever more beautiful and the air cleaner.

With meditation, aromatherapy, salt baths, yoga, qigong, energy balancing from various cultures, you’ll find the methods of choice are endless. You can do absolutely nothing and approach the same outcome. ‘Practice makes perfect’, as they say. So while practicing YOU, you will find that perfection has always been at your core, the Source of You, the fountain of YOU-th where we are One with The Perfection of that in which our image is created.

Love and Light,

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