Sunsets, Trees and Thoughts on Perspective

Sunset_Trees“Sunset Trees” by Rayna

(custom prints available)

I offer to you, this thought and visual image to meditate upon today…

Gazing up through the trees, I imagine that they touch the sky. My perspective is as accurate as I think it is. If I climbed the tree I would gain a new perspective. From down here, I am short, small and stare up in awe of such magnificent creatures, as trees are. I ask them what it is like to be so close to Heaven. They reply with the wisdom of billions of moments. The vibration of Tree is a golden wave of feeling that is one with all things—the entire landscape and all that touch it are the same. Trees, as empaths, feel the breeze as I do. The warmth of the sun is to them, as it is to me. And the colors of the sunset are just as radiant.

Love and Light,

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