Fireflies and Vines, Everything is Alive

“Fireflies and Crawling Plant” by Rayna

(custom prints available)

Another meditation focus and original art visual…

Everything is alive. Source energy runs through all things and IS all things. Source expresses as form in the “material world”. So everything and everyone is made of the same one Source, and so all things are alive. Some forms move slower than others and the faster moving forms often neglect to acknowledge that the slower moving forms are as equally alive. Because of this, the faster moving forms may cut down or destroy, or disrespect the slower moving forms. But if you can be still, you will see that all things are indeed in motion. The vine that hugs the trees is in fact climbing slower than the faster climbing lizard on the same tree, but neither is less alive than the other. And the tree is as equally alive moving even slower than the vine. The fireflies may be quick flashes of light energy, but they are as alive as the Sun which burns for billions of years. Become still and we will see the movement of Source in all things. In stillness we can see that we are one with all, and that all are equally live expressions of Source, and we will remember how sacred all life is.

Love and Light,

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