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Archangel Readings via E-mail — Direct line to Archangel Michael and Raphael. My personal history with these Holy Messengers is a rare story. I have met both in person and I work with them daily. All Angels and Ascended Masters can come through these readings. They can all be called upon for assistance, healing and guidance at any time. They are true friends and helpers.

Please contact me for a reading. I charge a love donation of $85 for the reading. You will receive the reading within 72 hours typed in an E-mail. To purchase this Reading you must order through The Crystal Closet. Please E-mail me at with your Credit Card info and it will be charged through The Crystal Closet. If you want to give the Credit Card info over the phone instead, call 407-878-2700 during store hours found at

I will spark the conversation with them and E-mail you the Q&A session I have with them on your behalf.

Do you have questions for the Angels and the Masters?

How can we be of service to you?

Please allow us to guide you with Truth.

Love and Light,

Rayna and the Angels

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