A Mushroom House and Your Footsteps Between Heaven and Earth


“Mushroom House” by Rayna

(custom prints available)

Another gentle thought for your meditation practice, and visual image to focus upon…

Watch your step in nature. The slower you go, the more beauty you notice. Each step is a prayer for living in present, planting each foot to secure our place on Earth, and lifting the foot again to signify our ascension. The rise and fall, fall and rise of our steps are symbolic of our reincarnation in each moment. Each breath we inhale gives us life, while each exhale relieves us of toxins and brings the death of our breath. Our exhale is the inhale of the trees. The exhale of the trees is our oxygenated inhale. We are gifting each other with the breath of life. Step forward in nature with care. As we move forward we release our past, and we welcome the new day as it becomes this very moment.

Love and Light,

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