That Ringing in Your Ear


Someone asked about the ringing in their ears. So I wanted to touch on that subject. They have been experiencing ringing in their ears rather frequently lately and have felt pressure changes or frequency changes in the ears.

I find it very cool that this was brought up. Yes the angels are helping closer to home now. I have had ringing in my left ear after calling in Archangel Raphael for some assistance in my own life. It is in the left ear because that is our spiritual side of the body. When it is a download, angelic guidance or communication from the Holy Spirit then it is a gentle ringing. Your ear goes “deaf” sort of and you hear the high note. It is gentle and not irritating to the highly sensitive Indigo hearing. However if you get a sharp loud and irritating pitch that is not pleasant and comforting, then it is psychic attack. Then you need to transmute it through the Violet flame or turn it over to the Karmic Board.

Anything from the Holy Spirit will be light and friendly and will come to you when asked for. You can work with the ringing by saying “I hear you” and ask for more signs. I noticed that visuals, thought impressions and even song lyrics will play at the same time. Each of these will be significant to me in the moment. I can then accept the message as angelic help and show my gratitude and act on the advice provided from this Heavenly source.

Love and Light,


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