Something Big This Way Comes


Something big is coming! In one Indigo group I am in online, this was the subject of a discussion thread. The Indigos are sensing what’s to come. I wanted to repost here what I mentioned within the conversation. This is a very brief explanation but hopefully it will spark you to look at your life path and stay on track with the coming changes. Many were frightened about Earth changes. Although I am not certain that all Indigos would let fear overcome them, since as Indigos we are here to remove fear itself as one of our duties, I encourage anyone who is fearful to seek angelic support at this time and get your energy, chakras and bodies clear.

What I feel so far and have gathered from others: A few things are happening now, it seems with this new moon the shift truly begins. Of course it has been “shifting” already so it is odd to make sense of that. But this is that feeling of walking out of molasses and jumping off a cliff into the unknown (a bright unknown). The dragon energy is coming in now (year of the dragon). On Dec 21, 2012 the Sun goes into it’s Spring Equinox and so the carbon changes, and we will be more in our light bodies. As far as I understand it now we will go to carbon 7.

People will get what they expect by LOA (Law of Attraction). But you can change what you expect. Our role here changes every moment. Connect with your angels, blueprint and your life plan and find out what you came to do. Do it and then do what comes next. There are changes every second. Even if you don’t “see” changes all the time, notice that you experience them through all of your other senses. Syncronicities are piling up and everything is getting more in sync. Funny that while things become in sync, they feel so very chaotic from the earthly perspective. Take a look from the point of view from your higher self and you can get a glimpse of the bigger picture.

I’ll add this now: There are many, many, many beings from all over who are here now and on their way. They are here to help usher in the new children who are the evolved ‘us’. We are continuing to pave the way. This is a time of overhaul and upheaval but it is not devastating. It is in fact beautiful. You can’t fear death as it is part of life and it is not going to be the result of all of this like some people fear. We are building a city in the sky, a light that will shine from the Heavens back upon this Earth and we will feel the warmth of the fires of God that we have lit. We are within the suit of wands and we are becoming enlightened. It will be our mission to bring in these helpers who come from other planets and areas of existence and we should welcome them with open love. If we do not, we will not survive. Then we simply go back to where we come from. The idea is to leave this planet better than we found it. It wasn’t always this way. The design of the life experience is not to be involved in constant defeat and fear. We can learn much more if we are learning in love. Fear is taught and the lesson must receive no more funding.

Our energies must be poured into areas of love, and we must fill with light all dark corners. All you have to do is smile, feel exuberant and give respect to this experience. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to the illusion. We all have a choice in our perspective. It is appropriate at this time to receive clearings, guidance and training in fields that nourish and support the communities. We can no longer focus on separation and comparisons. We have to begin to truly see that we are all One connected web of a being. We each are a unique part of the whole. We must realize that what we do affects all others and in return it affects ourselves.

This is the time to through caution to the wind and wager high. We can’t hold back our energy and expect that one day it will all just work itself out. Yes the world can work itself out, but there are those still consciously and unconsiously working against it. Why? For their own ego reasons.

But do not ever fear again. This is our time. Yes something big is about to happen and we are causing it to happen. We have a lot of help and there is more to come.

Love and Light,


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