Moving Past The Empath


L. an Empath, asked about a dream she had where she was attacked verbally and emotionally by her husband. She has a great relationship with her husband in waking life and so she was confused about the dream. She frequently has lucid dreams which cause her emotions to become highly involved in her dreams. She also had just begin working at a battered woman’s shelter. She wanted to know the meaning of her dream and if she had the dream due to her husband’s hidden feelings or as a result of the negativity swirling around the women and their experiences prior to residing at the shelter. I have posted below some insights, so that others who are affected empathically can take what they can from it and apply it to their own lives.

As an empath myself, I have been consciously focusing on my higher vibrational psychic senses as a more 5D approach. 5D is the consciousness level of Unconditional Love and Compassion, the minimal level of consciousness Indigos come into this life fully realized.


Please bubble yourself if you are working at a women’s shelter and you are an empath, you really need to watch your energy.  Reading your dream made my heart start racing and it was not about your husband, it is about the women and their situations. It can be dangerous to an empaths health to work is such an environment. You can become physically ill from being empathic in general and now in this time we need to move our psychic senses to our higher chakras. Empathy as we know it, is not part of 5D, it is 3D and a lower sense. Our bodies can’t take the emapthy any longer. Ask your angels to help you move your empathy into a higher vibrational sensory perception like claircognizence. Clairvoyance and clairaudience too are not going to do the same thing to your body as clairsentience. There is nothing wrong with clairsentience but it can damage your body in the long run if it is empathy and if it is strong enough in a moment it can damage you in the moment. Empathy is like sympathy both are of lower vibration. Compassion is the key to the happiness of all and the healing of this world.

Love and Light,


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  1. Colene Sanseverino says:

    I’m a fan. And hooked. ;)

  2. Fredrick Blaser says:

    Got it. This makes sense. Brushing off the muck if have gathered from others, thinking it was me, and bringing in the white light. Feeling better by the min. Blessing them too!

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