The Other 97 Percent of Our Brain is in Our Heart

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It came to me that they say we only use 3-10% of our brains and in the moment it dawned on me that that doesn’t make much sense. I think people really believe that we are mostly asleep, and they’d be right, but I think that we are now beginning to use the rest of our minds/subconscious, or bringing these up to the conscious level at this time. I have always heard how little of our brains we use and pictured, like a scifi movie, that one day we would all activate our brains and get larger craniums. This always seemed a little off to me, cartoonish, although I still don’t throw that idea completely away either.

It dawned on me that we live 100% in our dreams which is why we can do anything in our dreams. We live a complete stream of consciousness while dreaming. Lucid dreaming is even further awakening while dreaming. So the brain is not all there is. And if we are only in “waking” “reality” just 3-10% of the time and 0% of our brains are “awake” while we are “asleep” then again we are 100% using our brains while asleep and if the brain is not all there is then what else is there?

There is the Heart. The heart’s mind or consciousness (I would rather say the Heart has Heart but in context I’ll use the other terms mind and consciousness) is picking up where the brain leaves off and then blows our minds. Our brains only function as the organ functions, like a computer. Our mind and consciousness live above this organ and like a hand at a computer with a keyboard, works through it. Our body functions accordingly but there are so many subtleties like unconsciousness that beats our heart and breathes us.

Instead of waking up our brains, perhaps we only use 97% of our brains while we are “awake” but not here in “waking reality”, it is functioning on a different level, a different dimension. So we only need 3-10% here in this life because maybe that’s all it takes. It is pretty simple in a 3rd Density realm to only use a small portion of our brains because we are actually working on other levels where we are truly awake.

So it is more important at this time to wake up the sleeping 3-10% of our brains that thinks this is all there is. This little dusty corner of our being that has such a big head, such an ego to think this is all really all there is. We are truly Divine beings living elsewhere and here we think we are going to awaken the “sleeping” 97% of our brains into 3rd Density, but what purpose would that be? That would be like being permanently locked in a hallucination. We are so much more than this realm and what our little 3-10% can comprehend.

We are here now at this time to awaken the sleeping 3-10% of the brains of the individuals so that the small sleeping percentage can rejoin the infinite wisdom that is the totality of all consciousness which lies truly beyond just the brain, and mind, but is so much more. It is the Heart. The heart is the center of our home. Like the kitchen is the heart of the home and the Mother is the Heart of the family. Now our Heart must beat as One. Upon dowsing to see where this information comes from I received an answer that it comes from the ones I have heard referred to as the No Names, they are seated at the right hand of God and considered the Holy of Holies. When I ask for a name they have none. They have asked me to call them NaMé , should I need to give them a name. Poking at me that it is just a fancier way of saying the word “name”, since they have no names. Until I get a different response to the dowsing, I will trust that this is the Source of the information. Otherwise it is myself I suppose at it’s highest, however dowsing points to NaMé. A collaboration, a corroboration. And a ‘Thank You’ in Grand Appreciation and Gratitude to Cece of my Group and Lee who I have not met in person for allowing me to understand with whom I am speaking and channeling.

The Heart is our home. And we are to awaken to this Kingdom of Heart. A Kingdom Heart, made up of our collective Hearts. If this were to happen, and it will, we will be able to live here and now but as an expanded version. Not only an expanded version of ourselves, but in an expanded multidimensional reality. We as Lightworkers can help to open the Heart and activate the High Heart Chakras. I do this by attuning the vibrations of those of my clients, to the Green Ray of Moldavite. This is a Starborn energy that takes us outside of the buffer of time and space and of our perceived limitedness. We are in fact unlimited, limitless. The Moldavite has, like filings to a lodestone, come together as a kit for this purpose for me. I am to perform the Crystalline Layout and activate the High Heart while cutting cords and sealing wounds with the Green Grid.

I am not necessarily only of the Green Ray, I also am of the Blue Ray and I work closely as part of the Violet Ray. Whatever ray, including the Indigo, and all as White, this is the job of the Starseed Lightworker. To highen the Hearts of mankind and beyond to his families and bring us all into an awakened aware state where we can properly foresee the forest and all of it’s beautiful trees. Whereas the 3-10% brainer can not see the forest for the trees. At least they are staring into the Green Ray of the plants. Maybe there a switch can be flipped. SO much we can learn from trees.

Recently I learned some Thai-Chi dance from a Yoga issue of Prevention magazine. With a history as a dancer to choreography in my cheerleading days and earlier in ballet and creative movement, I was able to mimic the moves pretty nicely. My cats and dog really get into the zone when I do the moves, and if they are happy , then all is right in the world. Along with these moves I learned the Yoga Tree Pose. While waiting outside of a shop for Jorge, my fiancé, I went right out of the car and over the the edge of the woods. I danced my Thai Chi and yes a man did see me and so I smiled and continued. (He seemed to think it was cute?) He smiled and left in his car. I continued on and discovered that the more I danced the more the trees cheered and threw nuts and twigs to the ground in “clapping”. It was raining Green Ray in the woods. The guardian in the right of the wood which to me appeared as a Tiki style mask hanging in the air, in the trees, watched and I danced for him.

Then I did the Tree Pose and paid the lovely trees homage. As I stood in the pose I formulated a proper question. How do the trees stay grounded? I have the issue sometimes, while working with such high energy stones and crystals so often as I do, I get floaty. Without eating or counteracting with a dark stone or petrified wood, I wondered. Of course I decided to ask the trees. I laid my hands on the first and closest tree and posed my query.

“We do not so much stay grounded, as we are balanced.” The mighty tree spoke telepathically through psychometry and clairsentience.

“Thank you.” I answered with a smile. The wave of love was overly abundant and filled every nook of my very being. LIke I had been nourished to my crystalline core, my roots.

I noticed the palm fraun growing at the tree’s base. It beckoned me to hold it’s “hands” so that it may communicate in the same manner. It wanted to speak up and say something. However I noted that it did not need touching in order to get my initial attention. I suppose the tree also guided me to look down at the fraun. It held it’s “hands” in mine and it said it wanted to show me the connectivity of all things. As I held the leaves, I felt like I was holding the Moldavite, a buzzing, undeniable. The very vibration of the waves of life in energetic form. Clairvoyantly speaking, it was golden, all was golden. Like the Sun was breathing the very glow, the heated motion, sparkling in each measurable and immeasurable amount. Everything was aglow and the forms were merely expressed suggestions. I thanked the fraun and it thanked me for allowing the experience to be shared, witnessed and received.

The next tree was asleep, perhaps the squirrels were all napping as a large image of Squirrel impressed on the varying colorations of the bark. The next tree, just as large as the first two was open to conversing. I laid my hands upon it and felt as though I could knock it down. It quickly assured me that both I could knock it down of my own connected power and could not knock it down of my own strength. If I used 3rd Density strength, I could not. If I worked in a multidimensional state, I could. I could also see the movement of the trees “walking” and reaching. They also twist and bend like rubber, but too slowly for us to witness in 3D. (Well normally anyway, because I must confess there is one tree by our home that does move faster than most people can, so I suppose some move too fast for many to notice that they have moved a few feet, and who is usually measuring anyway?)

I have had many other experiences talking to Trees and other Nature Spirits, but I will save that talk for later. The Green Ray is something that will open our Iridescent High Hearts. Once our Heart Chakra is open and functioning, we can expand it. I see that we have many Hearts, Golden, Purple, etc. and their functions will become apparent as a totality. What we feel in our Heart causes mis-alignments when we feel mis-aligned in our Hearts. When the Heart Chakra is off, when our Heart is broken, we can perish. So it is vital to heal the Heart. The Solar Plexus and the Heart are very powerful feelers, but the Heart is the Emotional Brain. The Universal Mind is the Heart of all of totality.

Thoughts are truly things. But what is stemming the vibration of the thought? The Heart. What is in our Hearts, we will create. Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also / Galatians 1:7,8 7Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. 8The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature[a]will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

Our Heart creates our world. “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” (Proverb 4:23)

If we can awaken the 3-10% of the brain so that it is aware of the rest and aware of the nature of the Heart, we will become more than we can fathom at this time from this limited perspective. And the time for this is now. We, the Starseeds have come to perform the Lightwork. And the garments we will be bestowed will be our Lightbodies, Crystalline in nature, in essence of the true Human Being. Arriving as carried here, upon Clouds in Arc Ships, from whence each of us came, as the holy channels, the workers, the Willing, who have answered the call. Exodus 35:21 Then everyone came whose heart was stirred, and everyone whose spirit was willing, and they brought the LORD’s offering for the work of the tabernacle of meeting, for all its service, and for the holy garments.

Love and Light,
Rayna (and NaMé of the No Names, Holy of Holies seated at the Right Hand of God)

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