The Earth’s Indigo Aura


So I was watching a video from another incredible Indigo who has all of his memories in tact and it gave me a name for something I have been experiencing. I realize that I have been trying to not need glasses or contact lenses anymore (more on that in another blog entry) and so I have been really paying attention to all that I see. I am also clairvoyant but for that contacts, or no, doesn’t ever matter. I can see spirit with no issue.

I am usually the passenger in the cars we own and so I am able to zone out and hit alpha fairly often. In fact now car rides absolutely trigger alpha for me consciously. While I was a small child my grandmother would always say “you don’t talk much in the car do you?” and I would think to myself, well, no, there is lots to wonder/wander about and I didn’t want to be distracted by anything else other than where my mind was taking me. I would create situations in my mind from school to turn out differently than they did in waking life, or I would design scenarios that were pleasing to me and live them out in my “fantasizing”. I have had many a revelation, message, shape shift, and guidance during car rides.

I used to love to drive. I have my dream car and yet now I see more than the things I need to while on the road for the purpose of driving, and going into alpha isn’t really the best way to drive a car. At night I see figures blocking things and I’ll swerve thinking there is something running across the road, but only I can see it.

So I noticed all of these bright indigo colored (like cobalt colored glass) highlights, covering the road and trees. I have been seeing this for quite some time, most often at night. It really struck a cord with me after I heard this other Indigo talking about The Earth’s Indigo Aura. From 1980 on the Earth’s Aura has shifted to Indigo. That is why we have come through, because we have a matching frequency and we have come through our color. Indigo means GO! So while many of us have upgraded to Crystal I can actually see the aura of the Earth. I wasn’t just having another vision which had no apparent explanation. It IS in fact the aura of the Earth. Auras in general are very easy to see when you know what you are looking at, and it was not on conscious purpose that I was viewing the Earth’s aura every day driving home from The Crystal Closet. We do a lot of energy work there at our center of course and so on top of the fact that we are always wearing crystals of very high frequencies. So we are always on.

It’s so nice to have confirmation of what we are experiencing together and right at the moment we are at the peak of wonderment with the correct balance of release, does the answer appear.

Love and Light,

Rayna the Muse (Indigo/Crystal)


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