Personal Power Checkup and Reboot


Here is a very good way to not only check in on your personal energy levels in terms of all aspects of your current life experiences, but to reboot. It is important to do a power check up to see where you have been sucking power like a vampire, and where you have been giving your power away. In any case your power levels should remain pure and full and so knowing where you are energetically in each area of your life, you can clearly see where you have been draining, leaking or oozing from, or where you have been taking on outside energies that are positive, negative and/or harmful.

All the energy we need is our own and from our Source (God). When full of our Source Energy, God-power, we are full and pure. We need not have anyone else’s energy. It is equivalent to a drug when we need someone else’s essence to feel a certain way ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a person that we are draining from, it can be a place, a memory, a thing, a situation, or anything else that gives us a high. If we are not able to remain neutral-to-high on our own without the aid of a thought, then we are taking power like a drug and we may even be addicted.

Similarly we may be giving our own power away to another or to these situations, things, memories, etc., if we find our selves feeling down when we have a thought about them or it. This is not a good sign that we are all-powerful and self contained if when we think of, for example, a particular person and then feel a sinking or even anger come over us. The emotions of jealously or inferiority are just as power draining and actually gives our power to the things or people that we are feeling these ways in relation to. The idea is to be unswayed from our happiness. So if you find yourself giving up personal power to another, it is vital to reclaim you power and pull out the ‘IV drip’ to the other. Keep in mind that your negative emotions are clues to where you are possibly walking a path not in your best interest or a sign that you have an opportunity to reclaim your power.

So do a check up and reclaim and return power!

Realize where you’ve been displacing your power by thinking of the things, people and situations you have been dealing with. Notice when you feel a burning or sinking in your solar plexus because it indicates that you have a power loss where that thing, person or situation is concerned. Now focus with intent on restoring all of the power you’ve given to this person, place or thing and give back all of the power you’ve taken from it. Be grateful and forgive. You’re free! You’ll feel re-energized. Do this often for best results.

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