Wish Water Recipes: Love Water

drink water and fall in love
Wish Water is something easy to make. It can honestly help you to manifest anything you desire so as the old adage goes “Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!” Now listen there is no cooking involved here so even those who can’t boil water can certainly create effective Wish Water.

What you’ll need:
1. Drinking water
2. Bottled, or drinking water in a glass in a pinch
3. Piece of paper, even a Post-It
4. Pen or Pencil
5. Scissors if you don’t like tearing paper
6. Tape
7. Crystal or stone as needed to boost or amplify (but not necessary)

Prepare your Wish Water in the following way:
If using a water bottle with a label that you can remove, take the label off. Place on your water bottles (or your glass) your new paper label, taped on, after you have written on the paper “Your name, [Perfect Physical Shape(example)], With Love, Thank You.” You can drink immediately if you are short on time, or you can prepare in advance and chill your water in the fridge overnight allowing the words to sink in. The more belief you have in what you are doing, the more it will work, the faster it will work and the longer the affects will last. This is a ritual bringing the power of affirmations into physical action. There is science behind this if you are interested in researching this practice.

I call this Wish Water because the written word and your intent infuses with the water crystals on a molecular level changing the very essential make up of the water itself. You will get what you wish for. The words and intent behind your written words are a powerful spell that truly affect change in the make up of the water crystals so that you are actually drinking the very essence of what you wrote. Over many years of tests Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven this spiritual science. You can read about and discover his findings in his Messages in Water series of books and works.

Now that you understand the basic principal and are able to make your Wish Water I will continue to post Recipes for various Waters with specific purposes.

Prepare your Wish Water as LOVE WATER in the following way:

Place on your water bottles (or your glass) your new paper label, taped on, after you have written on the paper: “Your name, Eternal Self-Love, Highest Love in All My Relationships, Soulmate Connect, Unconditional Love in the Highest, Healed Nurtured Heart, With Love, Thank You.” Write these words or change them to be your own words. Put a Rose Quartz into the bottle–*****make sure it is a tumbled stone, nothing rough or dusty!****–then leave the water with the tumbled Rose Quartz in the moonlight overnight (you can do sunlight as well it is up to how you feel) then the essence of the stone will be in the water. Keep the stone in your pocket in a little pouch (at night keep it on your bed stand or even sleep with it under your pillow) also get yourself a small Pink Tourmaline (this can be rough) to carry with you with the Rose Quartz. If you want to keep using the Rose Quartz to make your Love Water, then make sure you rinse the dust of the Pink Tourmaline off of it first. Be sure to cleanse and charge both stones with your intent prior to any use. And don’t ingest the stones in any way!  ;)

Let me know if you have questions or if you want to me to get the crystals for you!

Rayna the Muse

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  1. Thank you so much for this informative article. Do you plan on adding more to this any time soon?

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    This really works. thank you.

  3. corina culiver says:

    whoa I really really like this and I am labeling my bottle on my desk now with my wishes. oh yeah!

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