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My Tarot Readings are 50% Tarot and 50% Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Empathic, Mediumship. I will type up your Tarot Reading for you and Email it to you. When I type up your Tarot Reading you get the result of both what the cards have to say and what my Intuition and Psychic Gifts tells me. So my Tarot Readings are more than just relaying card definitions to you based on a Tarot book. The Tarot is a tool that is utilized like the spark which turns the ignition on a car. The information I receive after that first spark is what YOU want and need to know. When I look at the cards, I see a picture forming before me that sparks the whole story which I then relay to you. I give you all the information I receive and I am extremely thorough.

I have several decks and I Intuitively choose the deck that I will use during your Reading. After I hear your question and feel your energy or at the moment before I read I let my High Self guide me to the deck that will be most useful and relevant for you at the time. This is also how I choose your card spread. Intuitively, each spread is unique to YOU and is very liquid, meaning the cards flow into the correct position and the meanings for each card completely change per context. My Tarot Readings are fluid, connected, Spiritual and like no other.

Ask anything. It is best to ask one solid, focused question per Tarot Reading. Therefore when choosing a Tarot Reading with multiple questions, type each of your questions while holding a strong focus on your words as you type. In other words, when asking several questions at once, treat each question as though it is the only question you have as you type it. This way each of your questions will be individually given all of your focus as you ask them.

What if you have no questions? That’s perfectly fine as well. Tarot is a great energy checkup method. You go to a doctor for a check up, but what about your energy? What about your Spirit? We must not neglect our Spiritual health connection. Being Spiritually healthy leads to the best physical health, wealth, happiness and success in life. Get a Tarot checkup if you have no other questions. A general Tarot Reading is just as powerful as a Reading with specific intent or questions. Think of the Tarot as a GPS map of your life, or Life-map. You are “here” in the present moment, and from the moment your cards are read, you will see where you are facing and what direction you are headed for your near and far future, and how you led yourself there through events, circumstances, relationships and situations. Knowing all of this through your Tarot Reading, you will be able to confidently continue on your path, should you be happy with the confirmation of your path. Or if you do not like what is coming, I will provide you with the tools and skills needed to alter your path and create a new destiny every step of the way. Nothing is written in stone. You are the master of your destiny and your life. The Tarot is an excellent method to take a “polaroid” picture of your Life-map right in the Present moment so that you can view an accurate check point review of YOU.

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