Past Life Reading


Past Life Reading ~ Know more about the different perspectives of you!

The Past Life Reading will present information to you in regards to your past lives. We are all resolving our karma and/or assisting others to do so. It is beneficial to know what type of journeys you have been on which you don’t presently, consciously remember. A Past Life Reading is helpful to realize blocks and to resolve them. It is also helpful to be aware of the fact that you are “bigger than you think you are in this lifetime” and that you are eternal at your Source. It is comforting to know that you do not end after passing on and that you have existed prior to this lifetime. Knowing your eternal nature gives you a broader perspective. Remember the things that you don’t even know you have forgotten about yourself.

Depending on what comes through for me your reading may focus on some of the following:

1) Your most presently significant past life in as much detail as I can pick up.

2) Any number of past lives you’d like to look into briefly.

3) State your block or less specifically if you do not know what the block is, then there is no need to mention what the block is because regardless I will find out in which lifetime you had built the karma which is now a block in your present lifetime as well as what caused it in the previous lifetime and I will then explain how to resolve it here and now.

If there is anything you would like me to confirm in regards to your past lives, please do specifically ask me your questions. However it is not necessary to ask anything.


Past Life Reading Options
Full Name / Birth Date / Place
What is the block (if known)?

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