Is There Such Thing as Having a Healthy Fear?


I was sitting out back today with a cigar and my little dog on my lap. I was simply relaxing there with nature and while watching the birds and taking in the gentle breeze, a thought came into my mind. Usually when I am not thinking about anything in particular, yet I am feeling very good, I will receive a “transmission” of sorts, of information. These are little Revelations that have been given to me all of my life. Sometimes these Revelations come in clumps of several within a few hours, sometimes they are years apart.

Today as I was sitting there enjoying just being, a question popped into my head. The question was “Is there such thing as a healthy fear?” At first I received the question and immediately answered myself with a ‘no, well maybe, I…I’m actually not sure’. Then I realized that while all fear is false there must be something that stops us from doing certain things and being in certain situations before we physically cause ourselves harm. Although unless we are in alignment with a negative type of outcome, we would not be in these harmful situations in the first place. But what about regular healthy fears? Are there any? Are what we call “healthy fears” real? What could be healthy about fear? What about knowing not to put our hand on the stove? What about not getting into shark infested waters? Is knowing that we can be harmed a kind of healthy fear?

So then the answer comes to me. It is not fear at all. What it is, is respect. When we respect we allow things to be what they are and do what they do without fearing that they can possibly harm us unless we disrespect them. Like in nature, the storms that come and wipe away thousands of people at once, these storms and natural disasters are not something that we must fight back against because we have no idea how they happen, no, we know how they happen both scientifically and spiritually. So knowing that these things happen, why do people disrespect their environment and then expect nothing to happen as a result? It is just a lack of respect and the resulting outcome. To get respect, we must first give it. Likewise we must respect nature for what it is, a living, growing and ever changing being just like we are living, growing and ever changing beings. At our Source we are the same. So to disrespect nature, anyone or anything else is to disrespect ourselves.

Some people live in active fear because they do not feel that they are respected in society or by their peers, but if they were to show respect first, and not by lowering themselves and bowing to someone else as greater, but by giving equal respect, then many potential social issues may dissolve before they manifest. Respect is not earned, it is first given and then received. An equal trade. Respect is a right that can only be allowed or resisted. It is a representation of the very knowing that we are all equal at our Source.

Some people fear themselves. They say they have inner demons. But if these people could respect themselves with Love, then they would have no room for demons. They would only find their true inner nature. They would find absolutely everything about themselves is to be respected, loved. The body is a temple, church, a “housing”, an outward expression of a perspective, personality of the great Spirit. To damage themselves intentionally would be out of the question. They would be too highly respected in loving self respect. To fully receive the Love that is our very core, we must embrace it and know it. If we are made of Love, then we could never lack for it. And the fact is, we are made of Love.

So what is fear versus respect? Respect is real. Fear is false. A large animal with claws and teeth should not be feared, but respected. If a person decides to domesticate or train an otherwise wild animal but then the animal attacks due to the circumstances brought on by contrast of instinct and intention, then to blame or kill the animal for retribution makes no sense. The very act of blaming manifests outwardly from inner fear as retaliation for something that happened due to lack of respect, feelings of separation and misunderstanding also stemming from inside. Don’t fear the creatures. Respect them. They are different only in form. They are like any other person who has the right to freedom and choice. And like a person, when they feel their freedom is being encroached upon, they will rebel. Like a person, when they are hungry, they will eat. It is natural. Should we fear the biting teeth or respect them in the first place so as to avoid creating a situation where we manifest disaster through our fear and lack of respect? Respect is the authentic choice.

Sometimes people make sacrifices out of a creature that they feel is lessor in order to catch another creature or to offer to someone or something in order to receive a result. But what kind of fear causes someone to offer the life of another to ensure their own? In order to survive, achieve, succeed, must another suffer? No. This is designed fear created by a false belief that there is limit to the Unlimited. And that there must always be a trade off. A trade off is true, but it must be equal. If you kill and ask for life it is absolutely not an equal trade. Life for life is not the same as death for life. A common mistake. If you want to live a better life, then help someone else live better and you will be open to the same fate. Take someone’s life and soon enough yours is also taken one way or another.

What we do out of disrespect will haunt us. If one is willing to offer himself as a martyr for others, what is this sacrifice worth if the one who offers themselves does not believe there is an unlimited Source? There is a strange belief that for one to live or to succeed the other must fail or die. And in nature we see some of this where a creature is born and the other dies as a result, or one must eat another. But do we understand the respect involved? The everyday person sees the surface action and looks no deeper. There is a greater picture. Something murky that we must look through and find the Love glowing through the shadows. To understand the circle of life, there must be a desire to know the circle, the web, the Source and realize that we are also it. Then we realize that in each moment Love may be revealed if we respect every individual and thing as a version, personality, character, perspective and quality of the Source. We all have the same Source and are expressing and attracting back what we have expressed on a turning wheel where the hub center is stillness and does not turn, the spokes being the connection. Respect is the key to the ignition of forward thinking, perpetual movement and right action. We are united and fulfilled with the Love we are when we show respect because we show our understanding that we are not separate from each other.

So then there is no such thing as healthy fear. Any fear at all will put us out of alignment with Source and that is where and when disaster strikes. It strikes because we are in alignment with that which we fear. And so it manifests. Fear is an illusion. A shade over the light. Fear is that which is evil. In terms of contrast, perhaps fear is as healthy as shock therapy or being scared straight. Regardless the ultimate path is back to the light.

While we are here on Earth physically manifest we can choose to respect. The fire is hot. The sharks will bite. The cats will scratch. The people will do what they do and so will nature. So what is the unerring quality that allows us to avoid affliction? The quality of respect. By having the absolute knowing that we each co-create our realistic environments with unwavering respect for all beings and things living united as a team with diverse players, as a cast with multifarious characters, then we may live fearlessly.


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