Building Wealth Regardless of Family History of Debt Affirmation

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Here is an Abundance Affirmation that you may find helpful. I had a member of my group on Modern Muse ask me to write her an affirmation that she could use for herself. She wanted to know how she could come to believe that she could become financially stable, even wealthy, regardless of her family’s history of being in debt. She also wanted to know about the timing in which something should manifest after it is affirmed and if she could possibly be affirming incorrectly.

Here is the response I gave her:

There is no “wrong” so you can scratch that right off. Let me ask you, are there any time limits on any of these things? Meaning pressure to pay a bill by a particular date–something seemingly building within you a belief that things aren’t showing up “on time”? Because if so, then I can see why you’d think you were doing something wrong if it’s not coming to pass “on time”. But if not, then simply lose the “timing” altogether and be free with your affirming.

Affirmations only work if you truly believe them. So first ask yourself what your family history has to do with your income potential. Are you paying off a family debt or are you just stuck with some lingering beliefs that you will fall into the same fate?

Come to terms with the fact that although you have a family history of debt, you are not your family history of debt. You have a story unto yourself. It is a great first step that you have identified the issue you have with building wealth, and that is, a lingering fear of a belief system which you obtained from your family’s past actions with money. Now you’ll have to correct that belief system within yourself by subtracting it from your portfolio of beliefs. Only then will your affirmations be successful. The affirmations become successful when you can truly believe what you are affirming.

So here is an affirmation which you can use once you get into position to believe that you are not chained to a past history of outcomes and circumstances which may or may not have directly included you.

Building wealth regardless of past experiences (Family history of debt)

I am open to Love and Love’s bounty. I open my Heart to the Heart of Hearts to fill and fulfill it with the abundance of Love and all of the gifts Love encompasses. My cup overflows to all those around me. I know upon knowing that I am fulfilled and that my needs are always met every time. Now I need nothing because I have ALL. I open myself to access the ALL of ALL with enormous faith and eternal gratitude for I am the Love in all my glory. I am Whole. I am Full. I am Provided for. I am All that is Good and Real. I have All that is Good and Real. My abundant nature is evident in all aspects of my life experience because it is a mirror of my Source. I know this to be True, Now, Always and Forevermore.

* * *

A Special Note:

Affirmations are best read in the morning as you are still lying in bed, while in the day dream state, meditation state, or as you pray before falling asleep at night. This is because at these times you are in the Alpha brain wave state. The state in which a child is in most. In this state your manifestations come and come quickly.

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