Attracting Opportunities Through Source

opportunity knocks

Hi Everyone!

I want to give you a some insight on the way that you can ensure that you are attracting opportunities that are truly from Source.

First, how do we know when an opportunity is aligned with Source?

Through our senses we know. We feel the energy begin to gain momentum. Everyone can get in touch with the feelings of momentum in energy. It’s that little rush that we feel in our gut. It is possible to feel this in other centers of ourselves, in other areas of our bodies and within our soul. We feel inspired to take action.

To begin attracting with Source, again stay in a positive mind set. I know you have heard this over and over but there can never be emphasis put on positivity. It doesn’t mean consoling yourself, settling or making do with the wrong path. It means aligning yourself with your best possible choice of paths at the present moment.

When you begin coming into alignment with you true positive nature doors open wide everywhere you look. Sometimes it can become overwhelming when too many doors open at once and we start to feel stress. The stress comes from questioning which is the “right” choice. Trying to figure out which choice is coming from Source versus which option won’t pan out.

So how can you make the same choices that Source agrees with and in doing so ensuring that you’re on the right path?

Feel it out. Release the feeling of overwhelment as it rises up in indecision. Let it go. Allow yourself to breathe and think to yourself, or better yet, feel with yourself which of these choices you could most easily gravitate towards. Perhaps there are more than one. Perhaps some of the easiest choices to make are those that you have always made in the past. Try something new here rather than falling back into stagnation or the same old routine. Be bold and go with your gut. When you go with your gut you are listening to Source.

To bring in more opportunities think about your true interests, your needs and the things you have always dreamed of. Do this often. Know that all of these things are possible for you in this lifetime. Even if you think it is too late, too this or too that, there is always a way that Source will deliver for you a way in which what you desire will now fit into your Life Picture. There is a way, you just haven’t thought of it yet. You don’t have to think of it on your own. Let the world produce for you a situation in which what you want to happen can and will manifest. Let it be so.

You will be surprised by how many chances you have to get aligned. There are infinite possibilities and ways in which you can move forward with the things you have been wanting and awaiting. When you start looking and believing that it’s out there. You begin to see it show up in so many forms, as so many opportunities.

I promise you it is truly out there. Seek whatever you are seeking inside of you first by aligning with Source through your positivity, your certainty and your inner vision. Then you will have called in opportunities galore. The next step is up to Source and Source always comes when called. All you have to do is let in in. See it begin to show up as Attraction brings it back to you, like a mirror showing you again what you put out there first. Co-create what you want inwardly where Source resides. It then manifests by Source, through you, outwardly within your world. Be that channel. Open yourself to allow the flow to happen naturally. Then Law of Attraction brings it back to you by your attention to that which you have created through yourself with Source. How fast is this process? As fast as your focus and allowing are strong and true.

Congratulations on all your new opportunities!

Rayna the Muse

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