5 Tips for Harvesting Manifestations During Faster Higher Vibrations! Ride that Wave!


Vibes are on the rise again! Do you feel the vibes happening NOW?  The energy is soaring! Catch the wave surfers, because you’re already on it! So what is your work during these times? Enjoy more joy! Yes you’ve earned it by creating your visions and setting them free. Now it’s pay day -more like pay time because this is not a flow during just one day! Time is not relevant here. This is all about a give and a receive nature, the grand design. Time to reap what you have sown. Your manifestations are now in season!

Here are (5) five tips to keep in mind during high tides of vibes (flow):

1. Stay on track by allowing receiving to happen now!

2. This is a time for manifestations to happen so be on the look out and be aware of what you have called forth in the low tide vibes (ebb) because now is when they come to be!

3. Celebrate the harvesting of your many manifestations at this time!

4. Have gratitude and give many thanks!


Can you feel it?  What have you received? What are you doing during this high time in order to allow yourself to receive? Share your progress, achievements and tell us the good news! Ask for assistance if you want assistance: Readings and coaching available! :D   Join my free coaching group too: Modern Muse! :D

Rayna the Muse


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