The Notion of Potions as Physical Aids in Manifesting

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Good morning!

I sent a message to my Modern Muse group forum members about the notion of potions. Something we have discussed in Modern Muse is the fact that we can charge objects with the intention of purposeful energy. I have been contemplating how I can help you in a physical way from afar. We all love the forum and I love that I can help you all non-physically through my words and positive energy alone, yet now I have developed a way that I can offer you something physical too.

I want to let you know that I have developed some physical aids that can help you to raise your vibration and bring about mood enhancements. This will automatically help to manifest into the material world the very things and experiences you desire.

What I have created are some home made potions. *Not for drinking!* The first is a Stress Relieving / Peace Promoting potion at $8 or $12 for a larger bottle. I will mail to you for just a few dollars more. I accept PayPal. Contact me. :D

Use for anointing objects, blessing spaces and many other uses. There are other potions for other purposes available too, all home made by me as well. And I will do custom purposed blends for anyone who requests it. I will post more potions in addition to the Stress Relieving / Peace Promoting potion here shortly.

Physical items are not always needed but are very helpful to use as tools when you are seeking to manifest energy from non-physical to physical. It serves as a physical act of spreading intent and purpose and when backed up by your positive emotion, wonderful things manifest. Just a drop here and there of a perfectly purposeful potion on the objects around you, on your work desk, on your pillow, in your bath, on your drivers seat, on a candle, a piece of jewelry, a special letter, on the ground… so many affirmations can be enhanced with the act of a drop or two or three.

If you feel this would be of use to you, then I’ll brew a bottle with your name on it. :)

Rayna the Muse

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  1. Sharron says:

    I am really not sure where to begin…. it is all so – weird? My life was going along as usual, married 20 years, 4 daughters, very overweight & not really happy, but not unhappy either. My friend was on this dating website, so as a joke I went on it too – I met someone & fell in love (?) It was very intense, he lived miles away – but I was prepared to leave my husband for him (even though we have never actually met, just talked on the phone, emails etc) He made me so happy, I started taking care of myself, excersing & dieting – lost tons of weight. As we had never met (I only sent him head shots) I was almost driven to lose weight. June 1 he broke it off. June 1 my husband said he was moving out. My world crashed – but nobody was allowed to know!! That is when I stumbled upon a James Van Prag website, he was promoting a book called Infinite Possiblities (Mike Dooley). I got a faith symbol tattoo before I even knew about LOA. I love what it is, but really dont have the confidence in myself to truly believe I can manifest things. I still email this fellow – think of him WAY too much – maybe it is just the fantasy I am missing? Crazy thing is my husband & I are closer than ever – why do I keep getting drawn to this other guy?? I have really slowed down on my weight loss, I feel that he (the other guy) is what drove me to lose weight as I have NEVER been successful at weight loss before (to date I have lost 65 lbs with another 60 to go) I feel so screwed up, I am sitting here at work balling my eyes out – you are the very first person I have told all this too – you felt safe to me. Sometimes I also feel that this is just the
    begining of something – I can’t even put my finger on it to say what it is – or even describe it for that matter. Help me please?

    • Muse Rayna says:


      I can coach you in several ways. I would love to help you. Please contact me through email
      I can begin privately coaching you in the way you are most comfortable.

      Rayna the Muse

      • happyfamwithbaby says:

        I love how mine smells and how did you get the colors in the bottle to stay separate like that?? I’m about to email you for another potion for house blessing this time, just moved into a new home :) woo-hoo!

    • babyleighlee says:

      I looooooove my potion because ooooooo it works! So thrilled. I am dabbing it on just about everything. It makes whatever it touches feel blessed and light. Just want to thank you. Will be ordering another to bring me some money.

      • Muse Rayna says:

        I’m tickled that it works so well for you! I’ll look for your email to make you more potions, babyleighlee!

    • urthluvr says:

      My friend bought a potion from you and I want one too. They actually work! :D

  2. witchyboutique says:

    I have a list I’ll email you the potions I want you to make for my store customers. Thanks, they work well!

  3. mrshowloween says:

    My potion works so well I am now ordering a perfume hand made and blessed by you Rayna. Thank you my dear.

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