How To Attract the Most Satisfying Relationship Ever

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In my online group Modern Muse, I was asked this very important question:  ”I am attracting the same type of moron in my life and I dont know what to do anymore.  How can I stop this negative vibe..?”

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Excellent question and my very straight forward answer: You must be who you want to be in a relationship with, and you must be nothing else.

All of our relationships, and all of our life experiences are reflections of our inner most conditioned beliefs, so in order to change anything on the outside of our selves, we must change our own programing on the inside first. So only when your inner is properly programed will you be able to reflect outwardly, manifesting, creating, within your reality, that which you want to have, be, do and experience, and be able to leave out the rest.

So think of yourself as this magnificent mirror that reflects outwardly to the world. Imagine also that this mirror creates mirrors because it creates what it is as well. So mirrors are reflecting mirrors. When two people meet on the street, they are like two mirrors facing each other! They see only their own reflection. But how is this possible? Who are the mirrors if they are reflecting back their own images? Wouldn’t they be reflecting the same thing back and forth infinitely? Yes. We are all One great mirror at our Source reflecting ourselves back to ourselves through Consciousness. The mirror has to reflect something back, because that is the function of a mirror. Consciousness has to be conscious of itself at its core, that is the function of Consciousness. To be conscious of something, there must be something to be conscious of, you see. And if at our core we are all One Source, then we are truly only ever conscious of our self!

So there must be something to reflect and then there must be a reflection to perceive. These perceived reflections are that which is our outer world. This includes everything. This includes the people we meet.

So if you want to perceive, see, find, meet, manifest someone that you would enjoy perceiving, seeing, finding, meeting, manifesting… then you must create your mirror to reflect that back to you. Law of Attraction is the Action of Reflection, but YOU are the Mirror, YOU are the co-creator, the Source and YOU must be that which you want to perceive in the mirrors you are looking at every day and in every situation.

To have a satisfying relationship: Be someone you’d want to date! And don’t be anything else!

Rayna the Muse

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  1. lovekindhearts says:

    In the great design of things, we design it all for ourselves! You actually receive what you put out. I know it to be true. I used to think it was all with regard to hard work in relationships. But it’s exactly where I misplaced my personal responsibility on the co-creation and ended up being in my own way. I’ve always said, details make or break the argument, but I am way past my old ways of thinking now.. And it could not be more accurate right…

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