Talking with Animals

Rayna and White Tiger

I have always loved animals. Often when I enter a room with many people and an animal is present I find myself saying hello to the animal first. Animals have always spoken to me and told me their feelings, nature and opinions. They are like people having each their own personality. Sometimes it is a bit frustrating to hear the animal and not be able to tell their human what they have revealed to me. It might insult the “owner’s” intellect. After all the human must feel like an “owner” especially to use the term “owner”, right?  Therefore more superior, smarter and more aware than their animal.  The animal often has an issue easily resolved if not for the owner’s interference.

Rayna Tiger Spirit Guide

To me animals are my friends, equals, guides and great teachers. They have things going on—interesting lives they lead. They don’t always want to share their beliefs because silly humans may never understand where they are coming from. Luckily for me I get let in on few things here and there because well, maybe I’m not so silly myself in their eyes. I’m wilder, like they are perhaps. And I can laugh and love freely. Maybe I’m just a good listener.

Animals use many forms of communication when speaking. They use feelings, telepathy, intuition, pictures and concepts not always easily translated into English. Personally I receive their messages in all of these ways usually in a combination. The eyes of an animal say so much. They’ll tell you complete thoughts. They tell you complete stories. Because I am a human, often they will say who they would be in human form so that I can relate. They will say why they act certain ways and do certain things when they want you to know. Sometimes they are waiting for you to ask them.

Of course being raised in the USA I had a typical upbringing and went to college to learn. As it goes I have learned from humans generally how not to act and think. Animals have taught me the good lessons.

Rayna Stallion

I have envisioned my life as a horse more often than other animals, but I connect to all of them. I’m awaiting the snake to tell me why it gives me weak knees, but I’m not yet to know. When I am ready he’ll tell me everything I shy away from now. He keeps some bold secrets but he won’t keep them forever.  He wants me to know fearlessness. When you are fearless, you know everything.

Walk a day in the paws or hooves of the beasts. Fly with wings of wide splendid feathers or tiny iridescent delicacy. Crawl, swim or move about in ways unknown to the human being. Imagine being different from what you are now. Imagine being familiar with other ideas that you couldn’t previously fathom while living in your familiar skin. Eat, exorcise and become fit like an animal can naturally. The animals will teach us how if we only ask. Become an eternal student like me. The animals, plants, all of nature, spirits and Spirit will become your teacher too.

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  1. odell says:

    Sometimes I think my cats talk to me. I am happy to hear it may be not just my imagination. Looking forward to more articles on animal talk. Pretty pictures by the way. Loving those. :)

  2. jen says:

    I love this, I love animals. I know they have a lot to say.

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