Crystal Skulls Empowered Me, They can Empower You Too!


Could these crystal skulls really unlock knowledge and information? Can a complete circle of these skulls energize and empower everyday objects? The answer is YES.

A set of 12 crystal skulls will enhance your environment, your meditations, and all of your single crystal skulls that you place in the center as the 13th. The circle can serve as a catalyst to bring out the best in you and in your life – helping you to manifest a better world for yourself and for humanity as a whole.  It can truly unlock information of the ancients and empower objects placed in the center of the circle.

If you are interested in sacred circles for charging objects with energy I can help you gather the tools you’ll need. You don’t have to have 12 crystal skulls of your own in order to empower objects with intent.  Meditating on an object will be sufficient for someone who is not necessarily a skilled Witch or practicing Spiritual Energy Worker.  Anyone can learn to clear negative energy from an object and then focus a specific energy into the object giving it the powers you want to endow it with.

How do you charge objects with energy?  There is energy in everything–everything is made up of energy in this world. The idea of charging objects with ritual spells and energy is real.  It is the act of placing a clear intent within the energetic pattern of the object and focusing the energy of the object so that it resonates with a particular vibration. The easiest way to charge an object with intentional energy is to meditate on the object and visualize the energy, the object, and your intention as One. You must align with the energy and be the object, the energy and the intent at the same time both giving and accepting the energy transfer.  All things come from within you and you must also receive simultaneously. Therefore you must encompass the entire transaction as though you were all aspects at once. Through spells and rituals this is accomplished.  Meditating is a great way to begin if you are new to this idea.

Why clear an object prior to charging it? Clearing is cleansing the object of residual information and energetic imprints.  All objects absorb energies from being touched or living in an environment. Sometimes we can feel the memories embedded within an object, and these memories may not be our own. Therefore if we wish to use the object as a metaphysical tool we need to wipe the slate clean. 

There are many ways to clear and object of residual energy imprints. Sun or Moon energy is great for clearing and charging certain objects, cold or freezing is great for some objects, smudging or smoking objects can clear some, passing objects through a sacred flame or anointing with holy water or magick oils, burying in earth or sea salt works well for other objects, or you can use clearing crystals, wands, daggers or meditations and blessings.  It is the intention that counts every time and your own energy must be a match to the energy you are trying to reach.  If you have an object that has particularly bad energy, seek professional clearing for both the object and possibly for yourself too.

How do we sense an object’s energy? Let me tell you a story: I have a gift that I was born with called Psychometry which is the enhanced ability to read the energy of objects, photos and know the information and vibrations they have been holding onto. When I was young I understood the gift and I was naturally able to change the energy in objects with a point of my finger, tapping the object until I felt the energy shift to positive and clear. As I grew older I was referred to as someone with germaphobia because I stopped wanting to touch anything and I would constantly wash my hands.  The fact was not a fear of germs but a constant bombardment of energy readings in my hands that made my hands feel heavy, wet, oversized and disturbed until I washed them ( an act of cleansing and clearing).  Once my hands we cleared by water and soap my hands were my own again. Later in life, my Shaman mentor informed me that I had a very strong Psychometric gift.  This made perfect sense and I was able to come to terms with what had been going on with my sense of touch.  

Later I followed my clairolfactory gift (psychic smelling) to a spiritual store by smelling non-existent burning incense. When I arrived a large crystal skull was there to talk to my fiance through me. I held the skull in a way I envisioned I should with the skull sitting on my palm and my other palm resting on the top of its head, facing the skull outward. I held the skull at the level of my solar plexus chakra and heart chakra.  The pattern carved in the skull became like many worms swimming in circles on the palm of my hand that rested on the top of the skull’s head. Once I put the skull down I had a swirling, crawling energy breathing in my hand that felt like clouds moving quickly across the sky. I could touch anything and feel it breathe, even objects. This lasted very strongly as a sensation of energy like a calm sea gently flowing through me on levels beyond levels. Now I can reactivate the strengthened blessing given to me by the crystal skull at will.  I can feel the underlying breath of the energy in all things and of existence itself. I am so grateful for my natural born gifts and to the crystal skull who summoned me and gifted me with advancement of my power, knowing and inner strength. I know it is not the extent of the gifts the skull had provided me with and much of the gifts are dormant for now until I am ready for enhancements in my own time, and within the time of the universal plan at large. In reality where there is no linear time, I already feel the gifts in their full expression and intensity. Here on Earth I grow and gain in time.

Everyone has some level of psychic gifts. Yes everyone.  And most anyone can improve on the skill if they decide to believe in their own abilities and learn the skills. 

If you are interested in having one of your own items cleared of residual energies, and charged with a particular energy, I can do this for you.  I choose not to handle negative objects.  Do let me know if you’d like to utilize my services. I also sell Energized (Enchanted, Blessed and Haunted) Jewelry and objects here at Mystique Muse Magazine and on eBay, see the category Energized Jewelry here at Mystique Muse Magazine. These are each beautiful pieces that are bestowed with real charges of intent. They will enhance your ability to co-create in this life and beyond.  Many specific spells are available and charged into the jewelry and items that I offer, and I absolutely take custom requests.  Yes my items and spells really, really work. How about getting yourself a magickally energized item today and get the results you’ve been looking for tomorrow? Contact me with your requests. PayPal please. I normally offer free shipping within the US for small items like jewelry.

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  1. MableL says:

    I love crystal skulls! I totally want to buy some small ones. They are just really magical I think.

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    i love crystal skulls, please post more on them, thanks Rayna!

  3. Outstanding summary, this is very similar to a site that I have. Please check it out sometime and feel free to leave me a comenet on it and tell me what you think. Im always looking for feedback.

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