Having the Job and Eating it Too

Picking Up Pasta

A man told me he interviewed for a job this week.  He said he was trying to get a feel of whether or not the job is going to be a good fit for him.   He explained that he has been unemployed for a few months.  He asked me to reveal to him anything about his chances of getting this position and if the job is good for him.  He asked if there was anything else I could tell him.

I explained, it is very important to track your intuition as you go and use your emotions as your internal GPS.  Positive feelings mean “Go”, Negative feelings mean “Change Direction”. The way to know when something is a good fit for you is to know how you were feeling about yourself before you took the action of going to an interview.  For example, if you felt stressed, bad, down, unsuccessful or motivated prior to searching for a job, then you took action before you did your inner ground work. You may get the job, but there is a chance you won’t be happy there—set up for disappointment from before you began.  Still all is not lost because this will help you to compare and contrast your results with your intended outcome.  You’ll better come to realize what you really want and then be able to proceed properly in manifesting it.

Yes, I did say you should not be motivated.  Remember motivation is not inspiration.  Motivation challenges you to take action to correct a negative situation and is based from a lack-mind.  Inspiration comes from the pure-positive creative energy of potential.  Inspiration is key.

If you felt clear, excited, interested, successful or inspired prior to receiving an offer of an interview, then you took action as your next logical step by proceeding to the interview.  Then you are ready to receive the job.  Still it may not be your final job, but it will be the next logical step for you and if you continue to feel good while there, after the fact and now, it can only result in a positive experience.

But in your Energetic Now you aren’t completely confident about this job nor are you totally interested in it.  You would feel your alignment click if you were certain about this position.  In other words, you would feel that the job is a good fit for you today.  You’d know that the job is secured in your Confident Now.  When you are in your Confident Now, no one can sway your certainty.

The way to know if you will get the job is to keep track of your feelings prior to searching for a job, during the searching, while interviewing and after the fact.  This is true because you are creating the outcome from start to finish always in your Energetic Now and then by maintaining your creation after it has manifested and throughout its existence.

Take the job of a culinary master for example. If you put sour ingredients into a soup, muck will result.  So it is vital to have the most pure quality ingredients, tend to the pot without looming over it waiting impatiently, and take care of the garnishing of the meal with love, and then enjoying it fully.  This process will in turn spark the next process through the field of inspiration.  If you can approach everything you do with such care and passion, trusting that you are the chef, then you will be able to know instantly when you have added too much salt.  You will likewise know when you will have a perfect outcome.  Like a chef in a kitchen, you are creating your outcome and you are not a victim of it.  A chef chooses the meal, the meal doesn’t choose the chef from some outside unrelated event.  The two begin as one.  The chef outwardly produces the meal. However once the chef chooses to create a meal and fully engages into the making of the meal, the meal becomes possible. Once it is possible it is no longer potential. The ingredients are the potential of the meal mixed by the chef who is the creator of the meal.  The chef believes in the meal, in its reality, its very existence.  The meal has become a reality, once it is finished, the chef may eat the meal.  The chef experiences meal.  But now the meal also experiences the chef.  The two once again become one.  The cycle has completed.  This experience will inspire the chef (not motivate him) to continue to cook more and more delicious meals.  The chef is deliberately living as a creator in joy, expressing his Creative Nature through his work.

Your work can be anything you choose.  Your successful work will be action through which you express your Creative Nature.  In this world in which we are living, once you have aligned with this truth, you are rewarded according to your world.  In this world, financially, with good health, peace, harmony, love and with joy.

Taking this into consideration we can rethink the entire process.  A more positive approach to the original thought can be something like this.:

I interviewed for a job this week.  I am a very confident creative being.  I am good at what I do.  I enjoy what I do.  I have enjoyed doing my job in the past and I do what I love out of Love.  I do my job for no other reason but for the sheer joy of my craft and what I create with it.  I feel very accomplished.  I am a worthy one with the energy that lights up a room.  People are drawn to me.  I am efficient.  I am clear.  I am passionate.  I am creative, never competitive.  I know successful people.  I have witnessed the success of others.  Success is familiar to me.  I have been successful in other situations both large and small.  Success is something I have felt and I will feel when I release resistance.  I can feel successful now.  I am not bound by anything.  I am free.  I am abundant and generous.  This is reflected in my life experience because I refuse to see it any other way.  I can change direction today.  I am the essence of success.  Success begins with me.  I treat my down time as creative recharging sessions where I gather my interests and become inspired to the next adventure.  I am always free to try something new.  I will find something that will keep me satisfied for a little while, I will be one with it and be grateful for every moment of it, knowing that all moments are fleeting in the eternal present.  There is no past nor future moment worth thinking about unless it conjures happiness without sacrificing my happiness in this very moment.  I don’t let others sacrifice themselves for me and I do not sacrifice myself.  I get what I give.  It doesn’t matter how, when or where a job will come.  I hold myself knowing that a job will be created by me, that the job will come from me and manifest.  I will then merge with the job and complete the cycle.  When this happens it will be Now.  It is perpetually Now.  I am employed Now.  I am imagining employment Now.  I love my job.  I express my Creative Nature through my job.  I allow this to be-come true.  I allow it to be, and so it must come.  My job becomes me, it came from me.  I release the resistance to being employed.  I am employed in my belief.

Your job and your success are of your making.  Your money will work for you when you understand that it works FOR YOU, and that you do not work for money.  Money is a manifestation of an energy exchange, currency, as in an energetic current.  You can’t eat money, drive money, sleep inside a house of money.  Money is the path toward these things if you walk it correctly.  A bank note is another term for a “thank you note“.  Thank your electric company for the electricity with say, $150 thank you notes, or whatever it costs.  See all bills in this way and suddenly you will no longer be their prisoner.  If you can’t see that bills are your friends, then move to a deserted island and you just may start missing them.

The economy, as bad as they want you to think it is, will be better, and “bad” is in the eye of the beholder as with all things.  There is a natural ebb and flow.  In the ebb, when you are pro-thinking and pro-feeling you will naturally become pro-active.  You’ll know when, where and how to act.  You will sense this by either a strong feeling of rightness, or it will feel like you are suddenly on auto pilot and it will happen very quickly–you’ll fall right into place.  It happens quickly because that moment happened in a moment where time was not binding you—you were allowing yourself to be in a state of release.  Then in the time of flow things will just come to you seemingly “out of the blue” or by “coincidence”, but there is no such thing as ”out of the blue” or a “coincidence”.  All things are of your creation.  You can’t not create.  In this world we express outwardly.  You either create what you want or what you don’t want in your Energetic Now.  You can go on blindly “living” or you can begin to focus and make choices based on how you feel—how inspired you are (not motivated!) and you will always get what you want.  You can manage the roller coaster ride of ebb and flow as well.  You can keep higher at the low points and even higher in high points.  Imagine how wonderful your life will seem to be when you are more at ease with the natural flow of things.  Once you can coast at a comfortable level the ups and downs won’t even be an issue to you.  Mountains will become molehills.  You will go with the flow.  You will seemingly stay steady, calm, because you will be balanced.

When you feel right about something and it still doesn’t come to pass, then something better is on the way if you can maintain your certainty and positivity.  This happens when you have aligned with something better than you first thought.  You have surpassed your first notion.  You have grown and the outcome must continue to match your Energetic Now.  Then you will receive the upgrade.  The moments that you doubt or fear, are the moments in which what you want can not come because you are not in an allowing or receiving state of anything positive.  Your outcome will match your Energetic Now so stay positive.  In the moments of uncertainty or even confusion you have hit a jackpot of possibilities, so stay positive in these times and you will be shocked to find a most pleasant surprise arise increasingly better than you first imagined.

Stay successful in your own mind to be the success you wish to have, then you will have it.

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